Where to Junk a Vehicle in Boston

You want to find where to junk your vehicle in Boston…Perfect. We are the company you have been looking for. “No taxation without representation! No taxation without representation!” was the battle cry of Americans during the American Revolution. They believed their rights were being infringed upon by taxation from an English Parliament that did not allow them to send representatives. It didn’t make sense to tax a people who have no voice or no say. Americans felt their freedom being restricted more and more as they were forced to obey their English superiors.
And the city of Boston is where the Boston Tea Party took place, when colonial Americans (according to legend) disguised themselves as Indians and pilgrims and dumped gallons of tea into Boston Harbor. This was a public protest of frustration with the strained political relationship of the colonies and the English government.

We are fortunate that we are not unfairly taxed without representation; nevertheless, we are not properly educated when it comes to an issue such as “Where to junk your automobile and get money for it!”

Where to junk a car Boston

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There are quite a few car places out there that would love to take your car and use its parts; however, they prize the parts more than they prize the customers who sell them cars. When it comes down to the bottom line, you will always end up paying for towing services and private hidden fees related to your car. They will claim that they are doing you a service by taking your car. The truth? You’re doing them a service by selling your car to them!


We know the importance of education in the lives of our customers, and how important it is to you to be educated when it comes to selling us your car. That’s why we sit down with you before we make a transaction. We urge you to call us and express your interest in selling us your car. Once you do so, we will call and gather some basic information about the car that can help us appraise the price of the junk vehicle. We do this so as to give you the very best price for your junk metal. We will not try to trick you into selling us your car while we give you very little for it. We have fair standards, and we aim to be above and beyond reproach in our work so that you, the customer, can be just as satisfied with the transaction as we are.


Where should you go to junk your scrapper in Boston? The places are endless. Some local body shop would take the junk metal, throw it in the backyard, and never speak of it or touch it again. Sure, he may throw in a little money to spice up the deal, but he’s not gonna assess your junk vehicle for what it’s worth. We aim to give you fair cash for your junk vehicle.


Where can you go to junk any vehicle? Perhaps car dealerships may even take the car. Unfortunately, if it’s a brand-new-car kind of dealership, they will give you pennies for your scrap metal. The truth is, brand new car dealerships will not pay high price for your junk metal because, to them, frankly, it is junk. That’s it; it is junk metal, of less importance than their own vehicles or any of the vehicles on their car lot that they can sell for a high price. Your metal may be, at the most to them, car parts for some of their newer vehicles. And, depending on the make and model of your car, they may have no use for your junk vehicle at all.


We are the place to come for education about your junk vehicle. We know cars because we have lived and breathed cars for most of our lives. To us, cars are as easy as breathing. Not only do we know the importance of cars, we also know the importance of our customers. Customers matter to us, and if we can buy their car and put significant cash in their hands, at the end of the day, nothing could be better than that!


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