Several major events occur annually in the Boston area. One of the best known is the Boston Marathon that happens every year, one of the oldest and most watched races in the world.  The Marathon happens in April and attracts runners professional and non-professional from all over the world.  Not only do people from all over the world show up to run this race, but, local residents from all over Massachusetts show up as well to watch and cheer for the athletes that are running the race.  Some of these participants range from first time runners, to well known athletes.

Other annual events include the First Night festival and the St Patrick’s Day Parade, which is very popular among the Irish population.  The First Night festival is a major arts and activity festival which attracts a large amount of people every year.  Other cities have followed suit with this festival which started in 1976.

Even though there are many other festivals that take place in this city during the year, the Boston Film Festival, is worth mentioning in this article.  Held around September every year, the Boston Film Festival is celebrated by many local and non-local communities.  Many people show up to see the newest films and free screenings that the festival has to offer.  I hear many times of people talking about how they went to the film festival and saw a new movie, not set out to air until later that year or the next.  However, many people go to these festivities, not to just show their support for the local community and see free screenings, but also to see new and upcoming events, that will take place.

I find this whole thing about Boston intriguing and even though I have never been to the film festival, or any of these other great events, I have heard many great things about them.  If I wasn’t so busy trying to run a business, I would definitely come check it out.

Even though these events are great to go to, we host event of our own.  These events are called the junk car events and they happen all year long.  Usually events take place to show the newest and greater things that are either going to come out, or take place later.  There is only one thing that makes our event different than everybody else’s event, our event lasts all year!

That’s right, I said it! Our event lasts all day and every day.  We always take the time to pay out the most amount of money we can for you and your vehicle.  We have been doing this for a while and there is no turning back now! We have already dug ourselves into this deep hole of taking care of customers and we can’t change that now.  You need to call us so that we can give you a quote right over the phone.  The best part is it only takes minutes to get you your quote.  Call us up and give us a few details about your car and we will get you your quote quick!

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