How to Junk an Automobile

Wondering how to junk your clunker in Boston? Athens has always been a city residing in Greece, but Americans have their own “Athens” too—Boston, the “Athens of America.” You don’t have to drive five miles in Boston to see how prized education is. All around you are the giant institutions of Boston University, Northeastern University, Suffolk University, Boston College, and UMass. Boston is literally leading the way in education for the twenty-first century!

Our goal is to educate our customers about their privileges, benefits, and responsibilities when it comes to junk vehicles.  And before you can get paid for your car, you have to know how to junk that scrap heap.

How To Junk A Car Boston

Massachusetts is a unique state in that overcrowding tends to cause people to walk to work (pedestrian transportation) rather than drive. The cold winter weather, however, seems to change the direction of pedestrians: most only use a vehicle to shelter themselves from the harsh cold conditions of the Bay State. While most car dealerships in the state will not accept junk vehicles, car businesses will. But first, there are a few duties you must perform:

How should you start to junk any vehicle in Boston? First, remove the license plate as well as the registration sticker. Take the license plate back to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. To find one nearest you, go the Massachusetts Motor Vehicles site on the Internet.

What do you do next? After eliminating the license plate and registration sticker, you need to also get rid of the car title. Turn the car title in to the car tower. If you do not have the car title for the car, you will need to write to the Car Titles department in Massachusetts and send a check for $25 to order a new one.

How should you start getting your car ready for pick up, removing your belongings would be the next step? Remove all personal possessions from the vehicle. This includes CD players, car stickers from colleges and universities, steering wheel covers, old floor mats, car protectors, etc. You also need to remove your fast lane pass, as you will need this when driving and paying toll taxes on a regular basis. Once the vehicle is clean and good to go, take your car to a junkyard where it can stay until you find a car dealership to sell the vehicle to.

This process seems fair enough; but who can you sell the vehicle too? The answer? Us, we will take care of you! We will give you a fair price for the vehicle that’s been like a faithful companion to you throughout the years.

If you wanna know how to junk a scrap vehicle in the Boston area, follow the steps above; but the process could never be complete until we know that once we have completed the transaction with you, you get off the phone with an attitude that will surprise your friends and families, because you have NEVER, been this happy before.