Free Junk Vehicle Removal in Boston

Do you have a car sitting around at your house that you want to get rid of? Perfect! We do free car removal around Boston, Massachusetts. We aren’t going to charge you for removing your vehicle. In fact, we are going to pay you. YES! We will give you money for your car. It seems ridiculous and impossible, but its real.

Free Junk Car Removal Boston

Free Junk Car Removal in Boston


You know how people will say things like “If its too good to be true then its a scam!” Well normally I agree with that saying, but not today. That’s because this is a real thing. It’s not a scam at all. In fact, we are a licensed business. We really just want to pay you money to remove your car for free.

Call us today to find out how all of this works. We are totally cool on the phone and we love hearing from new people. We totally appreciate every single customer. If it wasn’t for you, then how could we keep doing business? That’s why we love you so much! So call us today and hear one of us pick up the phone and tell jokes.

Every car is different so every price is different, that’s why its best when we can talk to you live, but if you prefer, you can get a quote online.

So contact us today! Right Now! Let us get rid of that eye soar for you.

We want to make sure that you are not getting scammed out of your vehicle, we would want to be either.  You are in luck, we are a company that thrives on honesty and we will not lie to our customers, whatever we tell you on the phone is what you will get when our driver shows up.

Other companies are very dishonest within this industry, there are many things that people should know about the business.  There is a lot of dishonesty and the best way to bring to light is to school all of our customers; new and old about the dangers with selling their vehicle for scrap.

Many companies will give you a high quote over the phone and they do it to so that you quit calling around.  Some people do and some don’t.  However the ones that do quit calling around think that the company that is going to show up has the intention to pay them what was quoted over the phone. The lie is, is that they never guaranteed that quote.  They never do.

They tell you that have to show up first to see what the car looks like and then they will give you the money, but, it will be between this amount and that amount.  They never give you an official quote so you know what you are getting.  The problem with those companies is you never know what you are getting.

If you are looking for a straight shooter in car quotes, give us a call today!

We will not push you around, we guarantee all of our quotes.